Discovering your desires

What do you desire?

Such a short, sweet question, but do you truly know the answer? 

Do you desire a chic Parisian apartment? A personal chef that cuts out the hours you waste staring blankly into your fridge trying to decide what's for dinner? Or maybe it's something as simple as pampering yourself monthly with a mani/pedi. Implementing date-night with your significant other once a week. 

That happens to be a short list of my desires, and the thing is, I had to REALLY think, journal and meditate to get in touch with what I want my life to look like.

So, why is it so difficult for us to truly know what we desire? Let me illustrate for you what happens all too frequently. 

You- "I would really love to quit my job and make my handmade card design business full-time."

Friend- "Why would you do that? You have a great job as it is, and I doubt you could make as much money selling your cards. Not to mention all the hours you would have to put in!"

Sound familiar? What about this...

You- "Did you see Amy's new jeans? They're fabulous; I'm going to get myself a pair next time I'm out shopping."

Friend- "I don't know how anyone could ever spend that much money on jeans, they weren't that great."

We've all had family or friends tell us as some point that we are wrong for wanting something we desire. Unfortunately, we do tend to care a great deal about what others think, and sometimes we even hear a conflicting opinion so frequently that it becomes deeply seeded and takes root as our own thought. Now, don't get me wrong, a little loving criticism is completely healthy and sometimes provides us with necessary insight, but the dream-killing kind of criticism is never the kind we need to hear.

I'll be the first to tell you that overcoming the worry of what others will think is no walk in the park. It's tough! But at some point, if we want something badly enough, we have to turn out the light on destructive criticism. After all, who are you living your life for? (Please say it's you!) 

Once you can commit to tuning out the "haters", you're one step closer to discovering your true desires. Ask yourself this question, what does my dream life look like? Take some time to sit with this. Vividly picture yourself living your ideal life. Don't let fear of what others would think creep in, this is YOUR ideal life!

In my own journey to discovering my desires, the single most helpful tool was my journal. Take time each morning to journal; let your thoughts take shape and become clear. Once you've made a list of your desires, go back to them every day. Picture yourself having all that it is you want. What would it feel like? 

I let my desires lead me in how I set my short-term and long-term goals. This not only provides me with direction, but also helps me to feel that I am truly living my life for ME. And that, my friends, is a powerful feeling!

What are you waiting for? Grab your journal and a cup of tea and get comfortable, it's time to start your journey to discovering your deepest desires.