The Top 3 Ways Being A Mom Has Helped Me As An Entrepreneur

When I first started my business, I was convinced that I wasn't going to be able to do it without a nanny or daycare. But the reality was that neither of those things were aligned with our financial goals at the time. So I resisted. Hard. I convinced myself that there was no way I would have enough time to do any work or that I couldn't focus on work because I was too worried about being a good mom to my son. Can you relate?


But the reality is that staying at home with my son has actually HELPED me. Once I flipped my perspective on the situation, took my mind out of that place of "lack" and viewed my situation as one full of abundance, working my business became a hundred times easier. It's all about perspective, after al! Here's what I've learned and what has ultimately catapulted my productivity and my positivity:

1. Letting go of perfection

From where I sit right now, I see toys littered on the living room floor. The old me would have died at this sight. I spent so much of my time tidying up behind my son only to have to do it again all of about ten minutes later. It was exhausting! Now that I've learned to accept that things aren't always going to be perfect, it has taken off so much pressure. And the same goes for business. Everything can't always be perfect, but as my coach often says, "Done is better than perfect" when it comes to your biz. Do you have the tendency to not want to do something unless you know it will be perfect? I did, and I can tell you it will not serve you.

2. Setting extremely focused goals to make the most of my time.

I work when my son is sleeping. If I want to sleep, too, that means I have between 3-5 hours a day to focus completely on my business. It may not sound like a lot, but when you can make your goals crystal clear and lay out a very specific plan to reach those goals, it is plenty of time. Old me hated setting goals and following plans. New me thrives on it. Before I started doing this, my days would usually go something like this: open up Facebook, see what others are doing that maybe I could do something similar to maybe get clients. Lots of maybes there. Now, I know EXACTLY where I need to spend my time (and it is certainly not playing the comparison game on Facebook). I know what the next steps are and I can make the best use of my time by sticking to my plan. 

3. Being present

I love working on my business, it is so exciting to cultivate it and watch it grow, but I love my family even more. Having the need to walk away from my work and switch to mom mode is refreshing. And I often come back to my computer with a new perspective on things that are even better than I would've thought of before. I have so much appreciation for the time I spend with my son, and for the time I spend on my business. I know it's not realistic to expect for these to never overlap, I mean, look what I'm doing right now- wearing my business hat while talking about being a mom- and it should! But the best thing I have ever done is to learn how to be present in the task at hand. When I would sit and play with my son and try to half-way write a newsletter, it always went to shit. And more than likely my son would act-up because I wasn't seeing what he needed. When I'm with him now, I'm with him. And when I'm working, I'm really present and focused on the task at hand.


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