Trust Yourself.

hy is it that we, as women especially, discredit our own abilities?


We quickly quell the burst of energy and excitement we get from one little idea by going through a hundred reasons why not.

The positive energy that was bubbling in our soul goes into the negative space of cutting down our own skills/ideas/ambitions. 


Just a friendly reminder- you are so much more than what anyone else says you are. You're more than you can even imagine, but you've got to harness that soul-energy, because that's your true self trying to come through. But we've gotten so good at suppressing the light within.


Because it's scary? Because someone else told us it's silly? Because our mind is telling us it's too much work?

What would happen if you followed that light, kept the energy high, followed your inner voice?


Hint: Probably only amazing things. Go for it.

What is your inner-voice telling you? Let's talk about it! Comment below and tell me what your soul's calling is and how you are keeping your vibes high to follow your passion. 

Have a mindset question? Well you're in luck. Mindset work has been on my mind lately, and I'm here to answer your questions for the next 2 days- ask me anything!


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