You'll notice things have changed here... let's talk about why!

Hello fabulous #femmepreneurs! You'll notice things have changed here at in a pretty drastic way. Yes, I'm still out to support #femmepreneurs in being the biggest, baddest entrepreneur possible, just in a bit of a different capactiy now!

Let's take this allllll the way back to 2012. When I first decided entrepreneurship was for me, I decided I wanted to be an image consultant. I LOVE fashion, I could seriously shop all day, and I had a deep understanding of the energy of clothing. 

Clothes may seem trivial to some people, but as a #femmepreneur, I have to tell you that your wardrobe is a TOOL. Whether you realize it or not, every day you are making judgements of fellow #femmepreneurs based on what they are wearing, and how they appear in images. Harsh? Maybe. True? 100%.

So why wouldn't you leverage your unique style as a tool to attract more of your ideal clients?

Style has been my passion for as long as I can remember, and it's how I can best relate to people. So it only made sense to pick up where I left off four years ago and truly pursue my passion as a way to amplify the lives + businesses of my fellow #femmepreneurs.

I've been going LIVE on my personal Facebook page to explain more about the concept of style as a tool to magnetize your ideal clients. I wanted to share this 15 minute clip here about why your style is important. If you want to learn more, be sure to head over to Facebook and friend me! I'll be going LIVE lots more with tons of valuable style tips. 

In the meantime, check this out!