HOLY WESTWORLD! #girlboss takeaways

Happy 2017, Gorgeous!

 I hope you had a magical holiday season and your 2017 is off to an inspired start!

The preschool germs hit our house hard over the holidays, which meant lots of "work from bed" days (check out my new mentorship that was born this Christmas!) and evenings spent cozying up with Netflix and HBO. I'm usually not a huge TV person, but when you're down sometimes you just have to honor and accept that your body needs a break! 

At the advice of some super enthusiastic reviews, we ended up watching the entire 1st seasons of The OA on Netflix, and Westworld on HBO. And WHOA! Talk about shows that make you think! (BTW- I highly recommend both shows!) Now, I must admit, I'm still processing The OA, and honestly part of me doesn't want to try to tie any one meaning to it, because it's pretty open to interpretation in my opinion. (Also, I'm not aiming to be a television critic ;) ) 

But Westworld had me like..

So what's the core message of the show? Or the message I took away, at least? 

Everything begins and ends in our mind. We have accepted for quite some time as a collective that the rules are already written for us- that we must do x to achieve y, we can't falter from the pre-determined roadmap for our "success", or for some of us, we may even feel that we are not meant for anything bigger. 

But the truth is, it is our mind that keeps us small. And if you really want to get into the semantics of Westworld, I would even argue that we can literally create our reality at any point in time. We get to choose our own adventure- we can get out of the predetermined loop.

Now, if you watched the show, you may be thinking "but Kirstie, that's not really how it all ended up."

I know, love, but I believe this show was created to make us think about our own loop, and how it really is just created by our own minds staying in the thought of the collective. And because of that, it made me consider how powerful my own mind is, and how grateful I am that I know I have a choice, at every second of every day, to create my own reality.

Are you following me here? 

It's a new year, love, new goals, new inspirations, a renewed sense of purpose. You can make this year whatever you choose- I promise you that. 

I spent my last week of 2016 prepping and planning out what's to come in 2017, and I know that this year is going to be the best yet. This is the year I build my empire, the year I stand sovereign over my entire Universe, the year I do all the things I've been saying I will. And I have so much unwavering faith in my ability to create all of these things- because I know that nobody else besides me is meant to do these things, nobody else besides me can stop me. 

How would it feel to have this level of knowing that everything is going to happen for you this year, gorgeous?

I want you to know that you can. At any moment in time, let it be this one right now! You can create the life you dream of. You can be the sovereign Queen of you.

If you're ready to be the Queen of You, to stand in your sovereignty and create from a place knowing, send me a note and declare it! Claim it, sister! It is for you.

Take the new year by storm, it's YOUR year.