Open at your own pace (please).

As a child, I always had a secret love for reading all things metaphysical, spiritual, even religious. I remember ordering an Astronomy book and feeling magic emanate from the pages as a teenager. And in college I spent an entire month reading a translation of the Bhagavad Gita.

For a while, my studies got pushed under the rug to make way for the more practical things- like getting married, having a baby, buying a house, all those things. But over the past year, the call of gaining a deeper understanding has been beckoning. Ever present, undying, insatiable.  

It started about a year ago. I kept feeling something tugging away at my heart. Softly whispering "there's more for you". Well I know that, I thought, I'm just starting a business, obviously there's more coming my way as this thing grows. 

But it wasn't that. It wasn't the tangible elements of beginning a business. It had nothing to do with that. It was my soul calling.

So I searched for answers. I spoke with a friend who happens to be a psychic that specializes in helping female business owners. She initiated me into the world of chakras, psychic abilities and meditation practice. I was hooked instantly.

She urged me to practice, to open up my own abilities, because they are powerful and are meant to be used. She gave me resources, love and a nudge in the right direction. And she understood that everyone opens in their own time. While she was my catalyst, I had to do the work.

So in I dove. I tried any practice that sparked an interest. I bought a Tarot deck, a pendulum, plenty of crystals, read a ridiculous amount of books, joined groups, saged my home, learned Reiki, became slightly obsessed with Kundalini Yoga, dipped my toes in Shamanism- I did it all. Yet still I was only feeling an inkling of a connection to my intuitive abilities. 

Now, everyone's journey is different. I needed to experiment to find my own, and I firmly believe curiosity and an open mind can lead us to the highest of places. A year into my journey, I can tell you that I know I have not discovered the true depths of my abilities- I don't think one ever has discovered it all, it's an evolutionary process.

But I can tell you that I developed a deep faith in myself. An unwavering knowingness of my power. The remembrance of my true nature- love. And I am open to receiving more, and giving more. 

With every practice I gain a deeper self-awareness. And with that awareness, I'm more able to embody love, to be a light and guide others home to their soul. I'm able to view events, issues, scenarios through a different lens, to know truth over fear. 

One of my favorite quotes perfectly embodies what I know to be true, and why I strive to embody love and light. Why I choose to evolve over and over.

"In fact, there can be no social or world transformation unless there is your own inner transformation." - Deepak Chopra

So I encourage you today, and every day, open your heart. Surrender to the transformation that wants to wash over you- but please, do it at your own pace. We'll all still be here in the meantime, holding the space for you to find your own light.

So much love,