no more boxes.

How's that solar eclipse energy treating you this week?? This week has me in a deep reflective state, and frankly, really needing naps! I don't know about you, but I'm ready for Monday when we're out the solar eclipse energy and into a phase of forward, flowing action.

Last week, I co-hosted my first major event, and I have to tell you, it really forced me to reflect how I want to move my business forward. My intention for the event was solely to hold space for these women to heal and grow in their highest and best direction. I stepped back and allowed source to lead the way to deliver exactly what they needed. And my God was it powerful. I finally understood what it meant to be energized by your work.

Which leads me to what has been on my mind lately- when we jump into the online coaching world, we are constantly looking for a box to fit ourselves nicely into. 

Until we realize we can't sustain. Now don't get me wrong, some women thrive in this world, and those are the women that this world was created by and is sustained by. Every few months I see new waves of coaches- life coaches, business coaches, visibility coaches, health coaches, sales coaches, psychic business coaches, spiritual coaches- you name it, there's a new one hitting the scene every day.

And more often than not the voices and the faces fade away over the span of a year. What's happening? We are told that the trick to earning a 6-figure income while traveling the world lies in the world of coaching. Everyone can do it, as long as you're determined enough.

And here is where I have to slightly disagree. Determination is absolutely necessary, but no amount of determination can make you feel good about what you're doing, or even feel like you're achieving "freedom" if you're following guidelines that don't fit your personality, your unique skills, your soul. 

For so long, I was checking all the boxes- designed the website, developed a fancy brand, got gorgeous photos, filled out all the worksheets about my ideal client, posted in Facebook groups, surveyed potential clients, booked discovery calls, followed the script- yet I didn't feel free and I certainly wasn't excited to work on my business every day. It was kind of a drag. Why was I putting myself in someone else's box?

What I failed to really understand at that time was that freedom is subjective. To me, freedom is absolutely not having to uphold a certain image on social media- and be present in Facebook groups to attract clients, or to be a "solopreneur". In fact, my vision of freedom includes a team that is there to run my business while I'm creating the vision and truly helping people to rise. I don't feel freedom unless I am 100% at peace with what I am doing and how I am doing it. 

And what I've unfortunately seen happen so many times is women being dragged into labeling themselves as something that they're not- or even worse, something that they truly don't want to be.

As my journey in business has led me from "business coaching" into a very personal, spiritual mentorship, I have to admit that the packaged up ways with a nice red bow on top just do nothing for me anymore. I honor it for what it was to me at one time- a catalyst- but what I've been seeing in the industry upsets me. 

Nobody has the perfect formula to help you hit 6-figures- except for you. While help is absolutely essential along the way, no one person can take credit for your success- except for you. 

There's a very unique alchemy to true freedom- and I am beginning to believe that it doesn't always include running a business. And it certainly doesn't always mean being an online entrepreneur. It means doing what truly makes you feel free. Whether that's running an Etsy shop, hosting workshops locally or working your dream job in someone else's company. Or even coaching, truly! 

Just don't try to fit in anyone else's box. My biggest lesson learned in nearly 3 years of business is that I cannot make something work for me that doesn't feel good- regardless of how many others have found it to be successful.

Going forward, I am choosing to focus my time on doing the things that make me feel free. I am going to be hosting private in-person intensives that focus on unconditional love and grace- truly finding the right methods and practices for the individual and diving into energetic healing that is sacred to each individual.

And I will be mentoring 7 women over the course of a year on their spiritual journey to aid them in healing and opening to their greatest potential. I recently heard the term "spiritual midwife" used and I loved how it encapsulates the essence of what I do. I bring women from their old paradigm- the box they mistakenly chose or simply no longer fit into- into their new paradigm. I hold the space to get cozy, to grow within a new container and to expand into a new awareness of who (and what) they are. This mentorship includes energetic healing, intuitive ritual creation to anchor in the new paradigm and a space of pure love in which to grow. 

This is what makes me feel free, and truly of service. This is what I am dedicating myself to. We are ushering in a new area for humanity, one in which it's ok to truly be free, it's ok for things to be easy. It's ok to not follow the prescribed rules. I do this because that is the paradigm I want my son to live in. 

What are you dedicated to, and how are you embracing true freedom while rising up and being a leader in this beautiful new paradigm? I want to hear from you, love.


Kirstie Dempsey