I'm so tired of being told how to feel.

I've spent a lot of time this week feeling deep emotions, and I am not ashamed to admit that.

I've allowed them to bubble up. I've sat with them, asked them what they are teaching me, what they need to be released- if they're ready to be released.

It seems that lately we are being told "how to feel" a lot. If we're too positive, we're not seeing what's happening in the world. If we're too angsty, we're not leading by an example of positivity. Really, we can't win. 

Or can we?


I think it's time to reframe how we view our emotions. Instead of being ashamed for being sad, let's embrace the sadness. Or not. Because ultimately, they are YOUR emotions. How you experience them, how you express them or release them is your decision. 

Sure, I believe that sitting with and feeling our emotions is crucial to transformation. I believe we have to feel to have any hope for change. I believe all of these things, and I live my life with those values. 

But the biggest point I want to make today is that if you don't, it is ok. And I am so tired of being told over and over by "leaders" in the transformation space that I should be positive no matter what, or that I need to be really angry about the state of the world. 

We all process emotion in different ways. Yes, some ways may be more healthy ways than others, but the thing to remember is that we are all living different human experiences, not one of us is the same, yet we are all interconnected- we all experience oneness, but what we choose to do with that is entirely up to us. 

Today I read a definition of "spiritual" that I feel inclined to share with you in hopes of making sense of all I have been talking about. It really summed up for me what I understand spirituality to be but what I've had difficulties putting words to:

"...spirituality is about accepting that our whole reason for being is to share. It awakens us to an understanding that we need to improve ourselves. Spirituality is about being able to see what's wrong with ourselves, accepting the idea that we can change, and then showing a willingness to actually transform ourselves. Rather than relying on an ego that says 'I'm okay and the rest of the world is the problem,' it's the capacity to say, 'I'm willing to see that I need to improve myself, and I'm willing to give before I take.'" -God Wears Lipstick by Karen Berg

There is no right or wrong way to be spiritual just as there is no right or wrong way to be human. We all must simply allow the space for ourselves to create within what wants to be created. This is the vision I had when creating my 1-month Spiritual Mentorship, and the vision I hold while preparing to co-host Open Soul LA next week in Venice. 

I am here to simply be the vessel. To sit with you in your spiritual journey and allow you to experience that which is ready to be born. To let you feel, to let you transmute and to help you to fill the space that is left with what is ready to come through. 

Sending you so much love,