Getting to the heart of the matter.

It's loud out there.

Everyone wants to tell us what to do. Everyone has the magic solution, the special sauce, the secret key. And I'm not talking about just the world of coaching and consulting, I'm talking the whole world. Literally. Everything, everyone.

Look around. How many messages do you get every single day about what you should do, what you should buy, how you should act or look or feel? 

I've been thinking about feelings a lot lately, and how we have become conditioned as humans to brush over the real emotions. To really feel. Deeply. I know I've talked about this before, but I want to take a deeper dive into this topic today. How do we make it through all the noise? How do we know what's real for us?

Recently my journey has included the practice of Sacred Emptiness. What does this mean? Just that.

Empty the vessel. (Your mind, your thoughts, your feelings and emotions, purge them. Purge them hard... and take your sweet time.)

Just be. (Don't seek out new feelings, emotions, thoughts, beliefs. Let emptiness eat you alive- in the best way.)

It's a scary place to be. Things start to come up- we begin to question every. single. aspect of who we are. 

But let's backtrack a minute and talk about emptying the vessel and what made me feel the need for this in the first place.

All this noise we experience is distracting. We forget about what really matters, we cling to something that may or may not even serve us. I told you last week about my battle with materialism. (Ok, it's not really a battle, but really.) Materialism is a distraction. We need this to get there. Our feelings can act as a distraction if we don't actually feel them in a healthy way. 

Let's illustrate that. Here I am, sitting down to write a newsletter. I click over to Facebook because I see I have a message (physical distraction). I read the message. I respond to the message. (emotional distraction- now my energy is in a different spot). I sat down with a very specific intent in writing my newsletter. Because intention is everything (more on that later). Now my whole message has a slightly different tone, because my energy isn't where it was when I started. My emotions have distracted me because I let something else in that wasn't included in my original intent. 

This is looking from a very micro-perspective. But think of this effect over and over. We lose sight of what's really happening when we allow distractions- ESPECIALLY emotional distractions. We become out of touch with the original intent.

And over the course of all those distractions, sometimes that intent isn't even relevant anymore.

And for those of you who are like- yeah, I have laser focus, when I sit down to complete a task I tune out everything else.

Well, that's great, and I commend you. But I bet you that this happens to you without you even noticing.

Example? You heard that your story will attract your ideal clients.  You decide you should tell your story to attract clients. But then we take things into consideration like: what are the pain points they're feeling that I can relate to? How can I reeeally grab their attention? How do I let them know I'm definitely an expert?

Do you see what's happening here? We shift into a thought pattern of how can I make them feel a certain way rather than focusing on relating to people through your journey. What emotions were you feeling? What do you still feel when you think about your journey? We have to shift from fabricated emotion to a place where we can really feel our own emotions. 

THEN. And only then, can you get to the heart of things. And I would be willing to bet that when you step back and look at YOUR emotions, you feelings, your thought patterns, your beliefs, you'll begin to question what even led you there in the first place. And that, my friends, is when you're at the edge of Sacred Emptiness. 

And when you sit in that emptiness, something really beautiful starts to happen: You begin to feel pure emotion again. You begin to understand what's you, what's not. Some call this shifting into the 4th Dimension. Things aren't just in 3D anymore, there's a deeper aspect that we never learned to see. We open the door to our heart- to leading from the heart. 

Today in my meditation, I asked the question, "How do I understand what is happening in this situation?" And the answer I received was so beautifully simple- Trust your heart. 

Your true feelings- your own internal guidance systems- are always in your heart. Listen to it. Feel it. 

If you don't relate to guides, angels, spirits, you still have your heart. This is the truest method of discernment.


Kirstie Dempsey