Sacred Promises- And my Promise to you.

We all came into this lifetime having made a sacred promise.

I believe that each of us came to Earth with a divine purpose, a promise we made to carry out our mission in this lifetime. You may or may not be with me here, and that's ok. But I know that since you're here, you most certainly do believe you have a purpose on this planet.

Do you know what your purpose is? Are you upholding your sacred promise?

The more we filter our messages, the more we resist, the more we let ourselves hang out in the territory of smallness and unworthiness, the farther away from our purpose we walk.

I'm sure you've heard it before, when we don't step into our purpose, when we fail to "sell" our services, when we don't use our gifts, we are not only doing ourselves a disservice, but also those we are meant to help. It sounds great, but also very surface-level to me. I always had trouble buying into this rhetoric. Maybe it's because I need things to have deeper meaning to buy into them. Actually I know that's why. 

See, the deeper we dive into ourselves, the more we understand about how we interact with the world around us. I know that I am a deep thinker. I need to feel the words, not just hear them. And the more deeply I feel something the more I connect to it. 

So when I began to look at my work as carrying out this sacred promise I made before I came to Earth, I began to feel the meaning behind that. I began to understand the gravity of it- to really feel the difference I am here to make. 

I am here to bring awakening souls into the light.

I am here to guide those souls into the center of their being- into the flame that is ever-present in our hearts, that needs stoked and tended. And as that flame grows, those souls can begin to feel their light, to live in their light, to use that light as a magnet- to walk the path of fulfilling their own sacred promise.

And something I've learned while walking my own path is that there is no end in sight. How exciting is that? There is always more to learn, more to feel, more opening to do. It's quite profoundly beautiful. And I believe we are meant to enjoy every single moment of the walk. 

Which brings me to my promise to you. As a lightworker, and as a human, I promise you that I will always stand for joy, and for beauty and love. I will act in love, and I will act courageously. I promise you that I will never forget that the Angels are on my side. I will always be a force of unconditional love and grace for those I encounter.

And lastly, I promise that I will lead you into your light, if you so choose. I will stand with you and for you and guide you into the center of divine love that resides within. 

Whether you choose to work with me 1:1, or simply read my newsletters each week, I will uphold this promise to you- always.

If you're feeling the call of your soul, if you know it's time to honor your own sacred promise and you desire a guide along the way to hold the space for you, know that I am here. I invite you to apply for my 1:1 Spiritual Mentorship program below. You can find more information here. Or if you know you're ready, simply fill out the application here and schedule a time to talk with me. 

With so much love,

Kirstie Dempsey