Hi, I'm Kirstie, and I'm a materialist.

I was SO angry.

This past Sunday I attended an event in West Hollywood for a very famous spiritual author. Upon arriving, I pulled up to the building to see that the valet lot was full. The only parking available for the "intimate" event was full. Well now where the F do I park?! LA isn't exactly known for having abundant parking spots. 

So I'm fuming. I'm here to be all connected and spiritual, but instead I'm pissed because all these overly made-up women carrying their designer bags have taken up all the spots with their Range Rovers and Porsches. Who were they to be at this event?! They probably aren't even as spiritual as I am. How could they be? They're more concerned with looking good and flaunting their "things" than actually "being" in a place of spiritual wholeness.

And in that thought, as I parked in a 2 hour street parking spot that I just KNEW I was going to get a ticket for parking in (I didn't), I had to stop and laugh at myself.

Like really hysterical laughter. 

Why? Because here I am parking my BMW and grabbing my designer bag. Here I am. Being the person that I was so angered by.

Here I am judging people I don't even know, because I couldn't get a parking spot.

Here I am, once again, turning my power over to materialism.

I'm going to go so far as to say that as a culture in general, we worship the almighty dollar. It's what we were always taught growing up.

Go to school, get a good job, that's the only way to function in society because you have got to have money.

While I agree that yes, we do in fact need money in our current system, I am deeply bothered by how reactive we are to "money". 

We are SO obsessed with money that it's the #1 way to get clients for entrepreneurs. Want to have 6k months? Here, let me show you how to make a shit-ton of money while frolicking through the streets of Paris and holding VIP days for your dream clients. 

These things aren't "bad", per se, but they do lead us to make decisions based in fear. We buy the client attraction program because that coach said we aren't making money because we're using the wrong system, she must be right, because she's making money, and I want to make money, so I'll give her more money so I can make more money. 

What a mindf*ck.

What would happen if instead of focusing on the money, we focused on the change. And I'm not talking about financial change, because in my opinion, that's merely a symptom of a bigger issue.

What would happen if we all began to question this system that throws us into a materialistic cycle of needing more, more, more? (I'm not just talking about one particular system here, there are a lot of systems that could use a little healthy questioning.)

What would happen if we could get straight to the point? If we didn't need more to be more? If we could just be more. 

I have this crazy theory that we are all keeping ourselves stuck in a cycle of materialism. When I get more money, I can get a new house and when I get that new house, I'll have so much more space to enjoy my family.

What if we just cut out all the jumble in the middle and GAVE ourselves more space to enjoy our families? Sure, a new house would be great, but so much of the time focusing on that new house causes us to lose sight of the heart of the matter. The why. The intention, the reason, the TRUE payoff. 

And for so many, we get caught in this cycle always reaching for the next thing, always "challenging" ourselves to go bigger, earn more, have more, be more, do more.


Just be.

And you may be really surprised how little you truly need. And when you understand that, that's when materialism no longer has it's nasty little grip on you. That's when you can make decisions from a place of love. 

That's when you can stop needing  to be seen as someone you're not to get what you want.

Those women enraged me because I used to think I needed to be them to be successful. They had all this pretty, shiny stuff. Why would they need to be at a spiritual event, what more could they possibly need?

But this was my journey, too. I had all that stuff to make myself think I didn't need more. And that caused me to keep wanting more, more, more because I wasn't addressing what I really wanted- And that was just to be myself.

So today I encourage you, just be yourself, nothing more. See how that fits.

With all my love,

Kirstie Dempsey