The Essence of Wealth

What is wealth? What is the essence of wealth and abundance? 

Now before you think I've gone all money coach on you here, let me tell you that this isn't about money at all. In fact, wealth isn't really about money. Money can be a result of wealth, it is a tangible indicator of wealth- but not the only one. And money doesn't always indicate wealth. They do not directly correlate, and that's something I think we confuse at times. 

Before I tell you what I believe is the essence of wealth, and what it truly takes to experience wealth, I invite you to ask yourself, what is wealth? 

Here is what wealth is to me:


Without sovereignty, I do not believe we can be wealthy. Without knowing what wealth is to you, what would make you feel wealthy, what it takes to achieve wealth- for you, you cannot experience wealth.

 Let me explain what I mean by sovereignty.

This happened to be a feeling I chose while completing The Desire Map process again this year, and let me tell you, I am being tested time and time again to stand in my sovereignty, fully and completely. 

As I was reflecting on 2016, I saw a lot of reliance on others. I saw myself not knowing where to go or what to do next to achieve my goals. I saw myself seeking guidance wherever I could find it- without much discernment. I didn't know what was right for me, so I chose to try everything.

So far, this is all the opposite of sovereignty.

But why was I having such challenge in authoritatively taking the next steps? Sure I was taking steps, but I was questioning if they were the right ones and altogether not even sure what the end goal was.


What was the end goal?

To make money? To help people? To have a successful business? To make money doing the things that are most natural for me?

Well, I don't know about you, but today alone I've seen each one of those listed as a bullet point on a Facebook ad as something this or that coach can help me to attain.

My current reaction?
Neat-o. (*insert heavy sarcasm*)

Here is what I have realized:
So many women (myself included) jump into the online entrepreneurship game without knowing what it is that they are looking to achieve- and many times without knowing who they really are. And I mean that in a deep, heart-centered, soul-level sense. Sure, most of us just want to make enough money to not have to work a corporate job at the surface of it all.

And that's a great starting point for questioning what it is that's the deeper want behind it all.

Why is it important to question this? Why shouldn't you just make money and hope that you discover what you've been unknowingly searching for?

Because nothing will ever be enough if you can't actually stand sovereign over your desires- over your direction- and choose yourself every step of the way.

Every time I clicked another Facebook ad, I chose someone else over myself. Don't get me wrong, whatever was in the material may have very well been valuable. I, however, was not looking for material to complement my direction, I was looking to be told what direction to go.

And that is the key difference. You MUST know your direction. You must know your vision and hold it close to your heart and mind as you make decisions in everything you do. Only then can you make decisions from your sovereignty.

When we are sovereign over our lives, over our decisions, we are wealthy. Because we are plugged into the vision and the frequency of what wealth means to us personally. 

I feel wealthy when I feel sovereign. I am the creator of my reality. If I cannot choose myself, how can I choose abundance?

There's so much more to this, and I would love to go on, but I want to let this digest fully- and I want to hear what wealth is to you!

So for now, I leave you with this- develop an understanding of what it means to choose sovereignty for you. Dive deep and feel it.

With love,