Shooting Star. A note on Personal Power, Unity and Separation, and White Supremacy.

I firmly believe that all things in our Universe are connected. As above, so below.

I have been working with Flower spirits a lot recently, and today I received a beautiful from the Shooting Star. It was a magnificent reminder to me personally that I was not born on this Earth to be a bystander, I am here for a Divine Purpose and it is time to live that purpose.

The energy of the Shooting Start also blessed me with the words to put onto what I have been feeling about the events unfolding around America, specifically Charlottesville, for a while now. 

The message I received from the Shooting Star and the words following are, of course, connected to a deeper Truth: that we are ALL interconnected and we are all here to be beacons of light. In whatever unique way we were meant to do so. Now is the time to claim your Power, to stand for your Truth.

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Shooting Star (Dodecatheon frigidum).

Dear Sister, This Earth is your Home. 
On the days and nights when you feel that you don't belong, 
Know that All the support and love of the spiritual realm is with you.
Here, and now.

You are a Cosmic Light, sent with Divine Purpose.

Open your heart and Remember.

You feel alone because Separation is not your Truth.
You are here for a Divine Purpose.
Unity. Love. Light. 

A channeled message from the Shooting Star.
Image features card from the Heart of Nature Flower Energy Cards

Around the globe, Separatist ideals are rearing their heads. It's hard to ignore.

The United States is experiencing an uprising of White Supremacists, out from under the veil of shame and into broad daylight. 

It is sickening to watch such displays of hatred play out in real time. Especially for those of us who know in our hearts that separation is but an illusion. 

We feel so deeply for those who are on the receiving end of hatred. We see them as the Whole beings that they are, no lesser no better, as equals.

But our society does not see everyone in this light. Our society allows us to put people in boxes that point out our differences. We have forgotten that we are all derived of one Source.

At many times in history- Ancient History- the history that is not taught in many schools, there comes a period of great dis-ease that opens the path to a new way of life under new rule. 

I am not here to tell you to bypass what is happening with prayer (but prayer is certainly a helpful tool).

What I am here to say, though, is this:
See the forces of hatred for what they are: an opportunity to set fire to an outdated system of belief. They hide behind a door that separates them from the world, but the door is now wide open. We can see them, and we see them for what they are. 

But what do we do?

We don't want to participate in the hate. Hatred perpetuates hatred, we are taught. Yet you cannot "send love and light" into a vessel that is not open to receive it either. 

We can protest, we can riot, we can scream until our voices give out. But does anything change? Are we just stoking the flames of hatred?

So with our dualistic thinking, we come to two options: do nothing and hope it goes away, or fight fire with fire. 

I've struggled with this myself, I admit. I'm what would be considered a diplomatic human, very much "of the light" and generally resistant to any sort of conflict. But the more I grow into my own Power, the more I understand the purpose and necessity of "conflict".

And with that, I'm about to get very "un-spiritual" about this.

Stoke. The Fucking. Flames.

You were not brought unto this Earth on a ring-side seat. You are here, you are in it. It is Time to shine your light the brightest you've ever shined it. Shine your light in your own way, but please, for the love of humanity USE IT.

Nothing will ever be transformed or transmuted if you are not taking action. Whether this means to you going out on the front-lines physically, participating in a community event or donating to groups that affect positive change, we all must take a stand for Unity. 

I would like to add one more thing here that is what led me to really reflect on how I wanted to speak on this matter. 

I have been disconnecting more and more from the online space because it seems to be a shit-storm of comparison at many times.

When the event in Charlotte unfolded, I witnessed so many finger-pointing posts and even more separation among people who truly stand for One cause. 

It is not your "duty" (or mine) to immediately denounce injustices in a public arena.

What is your duty is to not ignore what you feel in your heart to be Truth, and for many I believe we felt a lot when we saw what was happening. Feelings that we maybe couldn't sort through immediately because there are quite literally thousands of years of beliefs encoded in our DNA that are subtly awakened when we witness these acts that are so out of line with what WE hold as truth at a Soul level. It can shake you out of a place of power and  grace quite quickly.

It is ok to feel. It is ok to reflect and it is ok to do what YOU feel is the right thing for you to do when you are ready to take action.

We cannot call in Unity standing in the energy of Separation. 

I realize this may seem paradoxical when I am telling you to stoke the flames, and I truly believe this is the heart of why many LOA faithfuls are often called-out for not "leading" in situations like these. 

This is the difference as I perceive it: If you feel in your heart that you are acting in the energy of Unity, the energy of Unity is perpetuated. The intention is just as strong as the action. But, if you are acting in the energy of hatred, that is when hatred is perpetuated. 

The message I hope for you to receive from this is that now is the time to shine your light, now is the time to stand for your Truth. We have received an opportunity for growth and change, and we must use it. Wherever you are in the world. 

All my love,

Kirstie Dempsey