What I Know For Sure.

Somehow it seems like lifetimes since I've last written to you, but I know it hasn't really been but a couple weeks.

I feel like I stepped into a super accelerator and jumped out on the other side as an entirely different person. It's nice to reinvent ourselves on occasion. But this time, for me, it wasn't a physical reinvention, or a rock-bottom reinvention or anything like that. 

It was being in the right place at the right time and receiving the exact piece of information I needed at that time.


Nice when that happens, isn't it?

What if I told you that this could happen at any given moment for you?

Here's what changed for me and propelled me into a new Reality:

I realized that I am the Creator of this Reality that I live. That I have Given myself everything that I "receive". Every. Single. Thing. The good, the bad, the mediocre- all of it is my Creation.

Breathe that in for a minute.

How does that make you feel? 

I know that I've heard versions of this Truth over the last few years, pretty much anyone who listens to Abraham-Hicks understands the basic tenets of Law of Attraction. But about 30 minutes into the 2 hour recording that nailed this in for me, it hit me so hard that this is Truth. It is My Truth. 

I had a flash of all these little things that I was holding onto- resentments, regrets- and I realized that I did ultimately Create all of those conditions for myself. Maybe subconsciously, but I did it. 

Time to claim responsibility. Complete responsibility. 

And that can be HARD, can't it?

Because that means that we might not have been treating ourselves the greatest- loving ourselves unconditionally. Maybe not even giving ourselves any space to breathe. (I mean that literally and figuratively.)

But after a quick dip in the Victim pool (that's a new one- being a victim of my own self), I ultimately felt SO incredibly Powerful.

If I can Create my reality, what exactly is holding me back from Creating the greatest life imaginable? 

And in the moment that that Truth fully took hold, I asked myself- what are you going to do with this power?

And the answer that popped up without a thought was this:
Wouldn't it be great to show everyone else how magical and beautiful life really is?

And then the dolphins started swimming right in front of me, reinforcing so beautifully how I was feeling about Life and my newfound power. 

In that moment I knew that I hadn't been Creating as powerfully as I wanted to- or needed to. 

The other thing I completely understood in these moments is that what I most wanted to Create was a life that was easy, beautiful, magical, joyful, loving, Full. And completely mine. So mine, that it inspired others to Live theirs. I mean Live- not sit in auto-pilot like so many are choosing to do.

And the flood-gates of Creation opened. 

A beautiful written Creation flooded through me instantly. A deep, deep desire to re-open mentorship spots hit me, and I Knew exactly what I wanted to do. And when you attain this level of Knowing, fear dissolves. 

So I decided to do it all. Mentorship, Retreats, Local Workshops, Writing, Being Joyful, Finding Magic in Everything, Loving so hard it hurts- all of it, all of the time. 

It's funny how we are always told we can't do it all. I've decided I do not live by that mentality anymore, because living in that Reality is what actually throws us into overwhelm. When we think everything needs compartmentalized- that we can't flow from one thing to the next- we become instantly cut-off from our Creative Ocean. That is not my Reality. 

In my Reality, I am the Creator- always. And what I choose to Create above all else is Love. For myself, for everyone else, because ultimately I know that I am not separate from any One. My thoughts and actions affect All. And the more loving I can be, the more love is available to All. So why not Embrace it all fully, without fear and without bounds?

I know this isn't an easy role to accept. Being the Creator can feel burdensome, it can incite a (false) sense of fear. But I want you to know that You cannot do anything wrong. You are the Creator. 

If you would like to dive into your Power as Creator, I made this for you. If you want to further discuss how you can Powerfully step into the role as Creator, I am here to hold that space for you. You might have moments when you want to switch back to auto-pilot, when it's easier to be the victim. You might also be playing out beliefs that are dying to be let go. And this is where I come in. 

I won't let you fall. I won't empathize with your victim. I will help you Embody your Potential- your role as Creator. And you will be surprised at what you can Create for yourself. It can take a second for your world to turn upside down. To flip into a new Reality- one full of love, magic, joy. It is all possible for you. You just must believe it, and Live it. Absolute abundance is waiting for you, will you claim it?

Sending you Love,

PS- If you want to talk about how mentorship with me can serve you, book in a call here and we'll assess where you are at and where I can help you get to.

Kirstie Dempsey