The Key to Attracting Your Dream Life + Dream Clients? Here it is...

Not so long ago, abundance was a word I thought was never going to be used to describe myself. And love? Sure, I had plenty to give, but when it came to receiving, my tank was running low. 

I was trying. Really, I was. I was putting myself out there, I looked like I had it all together, and I was acting as-if I had it all. I had all the shiny things. The right Instagram photos to attract clients, the beautiful photos to go on my flashy website, lots of ideas and action.

But inside, I felt so stuck. I felt like something was missing, and all of the things were just a cover to some real, deep-seeded insecurities. 

As a woman, I bet you can relate. We go through life being told who to be, what to do, what success looks like, how we should feel- let's be real- this is just part of being human! But for women, it's amplified. Our career-success bar is set lower- but our social expectations bar is way higher. We're supposed to have it all together, and if we don't, we're the "crazy cat lady", the "old spinster", the "slutty coed", the "overwhelmed, tired mom". The expectations we face- positive and negative- provide a lifetime of conditioning, and sometimes, a lifetime of confusion.

So next I started really doing the 'mindset work'. And still, I felt stuck, empty and confused. I tried to break through to the core of my insecurities and turn them around. Affirmations, meditations, journalling, I did it all. 

But instead of feeling better, I started to feel the constant anxiety of self- judgement. I started thinking I was seriously broken. Even indications of outer-success in my business didn't make it go away. It was an internal bleed- a slow, steady stream of fear, anxiety and not-enoughness that was flowing through me. 

You can have all the success in the world, but if you don't feel good, it's meaningless. I can tell you this firsthand. And I can assure you that once you become aware of the judgements you're holding onto, they can't stick without becoming insanely uncomfortable. 

For you to have true outward success that feels fulfilling, abundant and loving, you have to step away from the judgement and live from a place of self-love, confidence and purpose. 

I know it's not easy to get to that place. But it's so worth it. Once you're there, it's amazing how abundance and love begins to flow towards you- without pushing, pulling and tension. Life becomes joyful. In every way.

Because I know how important it is to stop the self-judgement and step into the embodiment of your truest, purest self, I've created a webinar to help you knock-out the self-judgement and start to embody the best YOU so you can jump into 2018 as your best, most joyful self.

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In this webinar, Become Confident In Your Purpose and Begin Powerfully Serving Your Dream Clients, you'll: 

  • Identify the insecurities and anxieties that are keeping from stepping into the most powerful version of yourself.
  • Receive top tips to begin banishing your insecurities and start owning your purpose in life without second guessing or worrying about judgements.
  • Create a roadmap to confidence, clarity and abundance in your life so that you can begin to powerfully attract and serve your soul-mate clients with ease.

The webinar is happening Friday, January 5th at 2PM PST so make sure to sign up now so you don't miss this free training. 

If you're feeling the pull to pursue your purpose unapologetically, you don't want to miss this, and if you're feeling stuck and burnt out in your business, this training is going to help you find your flow of abundance and joy to get those soul-mate clients lined up and asking to work with you.

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When you sign up to join us live for this webinar, I'm going to send you my Mini-Course: Create your Power-Self and Live Confidently Every Day. You'll receive immediate access after signing up so you can jump-start your 2018 by beginning to become the joyful and abundant creator you're meant to be.

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I can't wait to see you there!


Kirstie Dempsey