Let's Rise Together.

So much has happened this week, and it's only Tuesday. How is your week going?

This week has been an immersion into what true feminine power feels like for me, and for many I'm sure after Sunday's Golden Globes. I didn't tune in, honestly, I didn't even know it was happening even though it happened a mere 15 miles away from me! 

But what I could not ignore was the beautiful sea of black, of women rising, together. And Oprah, in a way that only she could, uniting women across the globe. Bring us hope for a new dawn. A new dawn that I personally have felt coming on for a while. And I couldn't be more proud/grateful/excited to be witnessing this new dawn.

This morning I meditated with Archangel Raphael and Archangel Ariel. My intention in this meditation was simply help me to see where I am not fully in my power, and how to lean into that space more wholly.

Often when we set a powerful intention, and we allow it, we receive powerful messages.

I received a beautiful feeling of connection today. With Raphael's healing energy around me, I immediately intuited a source of pain I had been holding onto and leaned into the healing of that wound. I then felt Ariel's presence surround me and carry me to my whole embodiment of divine connection to my sisters on this planet. 

I had been carrying with me judgement, pain and beliefs from situations that happened a very long time ago. The classic "mean girl" scenarios that so many of us have lived out in the past. These situations told me that I cannot fully trust other women. That they are not on my side, but will judge and criticize me for my every move. These beliefs are still reflected back me today by some, but much of their potency has been lost. So much so that I thought I had worked these beliefs out of my emotional field. 

I was shown today, however, that I had not been fully allowing connection where it most needed. With my sisters of the light, the protectors and peace-bringers. The peaceful warriors and the nurturers of Gaia. I had not been claiming my rightful place among these women because I did not feel safe- because my past experiences had led me to believe that to some degree, I did not belong. 

While Oprah talked mostly of the #metoo movement, and specifically, the plague of sexual harassment- that for as long as history has been written women have been subjected to without rights or recourse largely, I full-heartedly that there is a larger undercurrent to the movement.

There is an embrace among women, of women. The dawn of a new days is most certainly upon us, and with that new day comes a brighter future for all women. A future where we understand our power, we see the beauty that we create by rising together and we lean in to collaboration, co-creation and drop the judgements that come when we women do not feel worthy.

It is due time for me, and for all of us to step in to our power, out of judgement and pain, and rise together. Can you feel the power, the love, the joy we can create together? When we leave behind the pain of a paradigm that is no longer of service, that has run out of lessons and out of time, we step into a new embodiment of unity, of love and peace. 

My intention in serving my clients is the same as my intention in every breath. To anchor in light. To be a powerful force of love. To be all of me, and to serve from Source. And to do that, this wound had to be healed. I am so very grateful for being shown what I cannot always see, and for having the Truth of that reflected back to me in so many ways today.

I felt the immediate call to share this message with you today, Kirstie, and I hope that in some way it heals a piece of you. It brings you closer to Source, to your highest expression, and to love. 

As I journaled and reflected on my meditation, the most powerful flow of I am feelings came through. I want to share those with you today to inspire you to do the same. 

I am the woman I am meant to be. I am a powerful creator, a powerful force of love. I am not apologizing for anyone. I am leading the way. I am a part of a bigger whole. I am a channel of Source. I am a warrior. I am all of me. I am connected. I am making the light stronger. I am a link in the chain that protects and brings peace. I am a wayshower. I am powerful. I am love. I am light. I am embodied wisdom.

As I write these, I know that I am. And I know that the potential is within all of us to embody all that we are in every moment. This is my purpose. To anchor in the light. To bring embodiment. I invite you today to apply for mentorship with me if you feel the call to embody all that you are. To Serve in the way that only you can, and to live the life you've dreamt of for so long. The time is now. Your potential is here, it is within reach, it is waiting for you to embody it. I promise you that.

With so much love,


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Kirstie Dempsey