When you let your Heart crack open

Whoa. I have been so deep in reflection and release over this past week. How has this intense moon energy been for you??

I wanted to drop in today and tell you where I've been, and give you a message that I feel so strongly everyone needs to hear at this time. We're in the eclipse opening astrologically, and the energy for renewal is immense. Let this next two weeks guide you in moving into your highest expression. Trust me, it is so close and so possible!

Here's what's been going on in a tangible sense:

Last week I sat down and dug to the core of my desires. (Not the wants and needs, those feel too nuanced and heavy. The DESIRES. The openings full of hope. The feelings that drive my ambition.) What really stood out to me was that I have been sitting with a full-on, heart-centered desire to write a book for almost a year. The content is already present, it is just asking to be written. So I committed to writing it. All in. And the experience so far has been healing. The more I write, the more I get to the core of my emotions, my beliefs and my purpose. It's been beautiful and I'm just getting started. 

Now, this doesn't mean that I've quit on everything else. In fact, it's strengthened my resolve to serve in my highest capacity. And it's brought to light some feelings about how I serve. This clarity has been incredible- I now understand that my work focuses on strengthening the "heartset"- not the mindset. 

I don't know about you, but mindset work recently started to feel really empty to me. The meaning behind it has left. I've been at this for almost three years now, and the mindset work just doesn't carry me anymore. It feels practiced, heavy and too needy. Like I'm just constantly finding more "work" that needs to be done. 

Your mindset can only get you so far. You've seen the mindset coaches burn out. You've seen them hit a wall. Fall from their pedestal of hustle and mindset. Well, this is my theory on the reason:

The mind can carry them so far, but the heart is here to guide us to our truest, most pure intention and purpose. They're tuned in too closely to their mind and neglecting their hearts.

Our hearts beat to a tone. Mine beats to the tone of freedom. Mindset work feels shackled. Like work. Regimented. It's a great start, but not the end-game. And it never felt whole or complete to me. It helped me to build strength in my resolve, to look critically at my habits, but it could only take me that far. My mind didn't have the answers for how to move forward, only to show me what wasn't serving me in a tangible sense. But it always felt like something was missing. Like the work was just going to cycle until I figured out what that "more" was.

And in writing, in reflecting on my journey and drudging up pieces of my past that I'd buried deep- the moments that shaped me- I started to feel my heart opening. Actually, it was like I was cutting my heart open. 


Cut my heart open and let it bleed.

Let the wet, red blood spill.

Watch it fall away.

Until all that’s left

Is the pure golden light

Of Love.

I got the message loud and clear that I had to cut it open. Let it bleed. Because that was only way I could see what I was missing before: my heart holds all the answers. It is my guide. We hear this all the time, but I couldn't sink into what this meant until I started to open my heart fully. To let it tell me the things I didn't want to hear. The things I was pushing down. Because I was scared it was broken, I was scared it was irreparable. 

I was wrong, though. The act of letting it bust wide open was the fastest way to see how whole it is, and how full and open to receiving more it is. I walked into that fear, head on, let it lead me, and it showed me its truths. My truths. And I felt them more deeply than ever. And all of a sudden the mindset work didn't matter anymore. It held no more weight. I could see right through it to understand what I was actually trying to achieve all along- alignment with my heart. Integrity with my heart.

When we let our heart lead- truly and wholly- the daily nuances don't drag us down like they used to. The mindset work becomes an afterthought. It's automatic. Align to your heart. 

I immediately saw that, regardless of all the mindset work, I had still been neglecting myself of the joy of simple pleasures. I was injecting pain into every situation, because my heart might break if I didn't give it a fall-back. I wouldn't let it shine too bright. It could be devastating if the light got dimmed. But I was so, so wrong. The brighter I let my heart shine, the more joy and abundance I attract. The easier life gets. The more aligned I become with my service. The more powerful I am. I could go on.

There's so much more to this story, and it's coming. It will be painted on the pages of my book. It will be sung in every word I speak. Woven into every word I type. Let your heart open, and let it lead the way. EVEN when it doesn't make sense.

And trust me, this didn't make sense to me at first. I've been cruising along at warp speed in this first tiny bit of 2018. The lessons have been coming in like wildfire. Burning to the ground everything I thought to be true for me. I thought I was going to dive deeper into service through more 1:1 work. 

But my heart said no. I can deeply serve one woman in that respect at a time. And I mean deeply. I'm talking heart-purifying, truth-shining, whole, embodied, prosperous, JOY. (That one spot is up for grabs, now, but if you feel it, don't linger.)

But the rest of my energy is focused on breathing life into my book and spreading my message through an intimate group experience where I will be unravelling one part of my book every month for the next six months. 

Part 1 releases on Feb. 20. And with that comes a lesson, from my heart, for you to work through at your pace that will guide you deeper into your heart, and connect you deeper into the purpose you are here to serve. And of course, a group call. Because I know you crave support. And you deserve that support. This is like a Mastermind meets a Book Club but with insanely transformative work involved, too. If you want the details when this launches AND to get a head start and read the Introduction which lays out this whole journey and gives you a feel for what's to come, reply to this email! (Doing this the old school way while the landing page is in development!)

Whew! Ok. Lastly I wanted to, again, acknowledge how much each of you means to me for consistently sticking with me through all of my crazy, beautiful evolutions and the many I'm sure will come! Truth is, I've lost a lot of subscribers lately. And at first I was a little hurt- I started to question myself for a split second. 

But then I realized something- My messages lately haven't been sugar-coated. I quit playing the cutesy coach with creative content game and started speaking to you from my heart. And some people just aren't there. They're not ready to hear it yet. And that is ok. I honor that, because man have I been there. I'm not meant to roll along with the rhythm of the industry. In the purest sense, I'm an anarchist. I can see right through BS systems and I aim to create my own way through the lens of my heart, and my truth. So you probably won't get my top 10 tips for anything, or how to have a six-figure month worksheet or other cute stuff like that. If that's what you're here for, I want you to know straight-up there's no more of that here. My tank is empty when it comes to playing the role of "business coach" or whatever the trend is now. 

With this heart opening and deepening in my purpose I've experienced, I've had to get real with myself. And my Truth is that I don't want to be in that game any longer. I don't want to spend a second longer using systems that I don't truly believe in to grow my audience- because quite frankly, it's not going to be effective for me- "coaching" isn't what I'm here for. I can't get behind the coaches in the industry that need my results to bring them their confidence and success. I need leaders who can SHOW me what true confidence and success is. Not neediness, true trust in themselves and their purpose. Not painful marketing, just pure messaging. Pure trust and belief in self. 

This is what I aim to deliver in 2018 and beyond. It's a new, more solid start for me. It's like being Home. 

Sending so much love,



Kirstie Dempsey