Nobody else determines your worthiness. Ever.

Happy Monday!

I want to share something with you today that has become my own personal mantra. And that is this:

I determine my own worthiness. No matter what.

How many times in the past have you made a decision, only to regret it minutes later? Or decided that something was meant for you and then let someone tell you why it actually isn't?

I have experienced this a TON in my past. I would step into my "next-level" of service- offer a new program, for instance- and the red flags started to go up all around me.

Who are you to do this work? Nobody will actually care. You've never done anything like this before so what makes you think it's actually going to work? You should just stick to what you know for sure.

Can you relate?

The voices- the stories, the beliefs- the LIES we tell ourselves daily are never actually true. But I know how true they can FEEL.

When we take a leap of faith, those beliefs often come rushing in telling us how silly it was to do that thing our heart desired so deeply. Telling us why we're not worthy. 

And I challenge you to actually feel those beliefs, and then questions them. Is this actually true? Why am I telling myself this? Where did this come from?

So many times these beliefs are a symptom of allowing someone else to determine your worthiness, how much you actually deserve.

And sometimes we don't even realize where it comes from until we allow it to not be true. Until we allow ourselves to determine our own worthiness and simply ask to see the Truth.

When I began practicing this, I immediately recalled all the times in high school when I placed my worth in the hands of my peers. When I let them decide how deserving and worthy of receiving love I was. Now, if you know teenagers, I'm sure you see how ridiculous this idea is!

But the important thing is not making yourself wrong for this. It's understanding that you were doing the best you could at that time with what you knew, and acknowledging that the belief is no longer serving you. That your truth is now that YOU determine your own worthiness. 

When we can see where our beliefs are coming from, and how they have shaped our decisions and patterns, the stigma is lost and we can then create a new truth- a new story. This is what we do right away in week 1 of my brand new 6-week Mastermind, Dharma Unfolding. This is the first step to fully living your Purpose- you MUST understand your worthiness if you desire to receive abundance in any form. 

I am certain that YOU are worthy and deserving of every single thing you desire. Are you?

I invite you to join me on this beautiful journey to Dharma Unfolding, a 6 Week Mastermind to support you in stepping into your Purpose and receiving the abundance and joy you desire with ease. If you would like more information, visit the info page here

And as always, send me an email with any questions! 

With all my love,


Kirstie Dempsey