The Positivity Hangover... Ya know, when you got those vibes and then all of a sudden, nope.

As I was doing a little reading this morning, a particular passage stuck out to me. It was a very deep conversation about the "darkness" that exists in many humans, and that darkness always stems from forgetting who you are Truly are. And it really hit me hard, because I could relate so deeply. For a while, I forgot who I was, too, and I felt this darkness. Even when I tried to "raise my vibes"- meditate, listen to Abraham-Hicks lectures on repeat, perform rituals to connect deeper into myself- no matter what it was, I could never hold that vibration. 

And here's why:

The Positivity Hangover:

You wake up, go through your morning routine- maybe do your gratitude practice or get in a quick meditation. Then you find your favorite Abraham-Hicks recording, or something equally motivating and uplifting to start your day with.

You’re feeling it! You know that you are going to experience miracles today!

Everything is off to a great start, you’re glowing with the high vibes… until all of a sudden exhaustion hits you like a bag of bricks. Not physical exhaustion, more like an energetic exhaustion, like you’ve got nothing left in your tank and all that positivity starts to drain out of you like you’ve just hit a Titanic sized iceberg.

Can you relate? 

I’ve been there. This used to happen DAILY for me. I’d get all amped up, ready for the miracle, ready to inspire. Ready to lead. And within a couple short hours I was M-A-D. At everything. NOTHING went my way! What in the world was happening??

Here’s the thing- there probably IS a Titanic sized iceberg on your path- you may have heard it called the “core wound” before. It’s the leak in your energetic system. Or more like the wall that can’t be penetrated, so your tank can’t actually get full. You can only hold onto the vibration for so long before it all gets deflected, drains out and leaves you feeling broken.

But I promise you, you’re not broken. You just need to identify the wall, take the cap off the tank so you can hold onto those high vibes with no effort at all. It’s possible for you. And it’s your natural state. You just have to reclaim it. You just have to decide to crack the walls wide open.

This is the FIRST thing I address with all of my clients, and the first thing we identify in my new 6 Week Mastermind: Dharma Unfolding.

Once we break down those walls, that’s where the real magic happens. That’s where you reclaim your joyful nature. Where you understand who you are and what you’re meant to do- with NO hesitation. When you step into Leadership (true leadership- not put-on aggression masked as leadership) and wholly Serve.

Are you ready to crack open? To let your Dharma Unfold, like a beautiful rose showing you its brilliant petals? Are you ready to Know your purpose and Powerfully Lead?

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This program was Divinely Inspired in the highest sense. I wasn't planning to release this- I intended to launch a group program that was a deep dive into my book- but another opportunity came up around that. But when you pray and get an immediate and definitive answer- in the form of an entire program(!)- you have to run with it. This is the flow that I aim to inspire in every client as well, and the flow you can begin to tap into during the Mastermind.

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As always,

Sending you all my love.



Kirstie Dempsey