Coming Back to You.

Our whole lives, from birth, we are told who to be. Who it would be most pleasing to the world for us to be.

But I call bullshit. What would be the pleasing thing to the world for us to become?

A model of that other person who kind of had his shit together? A doctor- because that's what our parents told us we should be?

You're so caring, so nurturing. You know, you really should become a doctor. They make a great living!

The limitations of our parents and our loved ones are immediately placed upon us. They have hopes and dreams, too, but maybe they just didn't realize them. They didn't believe they could because nobody told them it was possible. They were told who to be, too.

I have to much compassion, because I so lovingly understand the plights of all humans. I wish I could give the world a big collective hug and tell them everything is going to be ok. 

If you had just taken the time to breathe. If you had taken a moment to yourself to ask. If you had just held on to that whisper of faith- the one that said you don't need to be anyone, or anything, except for you.

But that's not the easy thing for you to do, I know. And I love you even more for your beautiful humanness. Because these are the experiences that shape you. This is the contrast that has the ability to bring you to the light. 

Who are you?

At your core?

What silent prayer do you say to yourself in that subtle, fleeting moment of stillness?

Who are you?

What is your gift to the world?

What do you want to leave behind, Everywhere you go?

The answer does not need to be complex. Often it's as simple as "love".

And the beauty of being a human is that there are so many ways to be. To be love. To be who You are. But do you have the courage to be that?

It is an act of courage, an act of love and of faith to be You.

Because nobody ever told you it's ok to just be You. No matter what that means. 

Have you forgotten who You are? Have you lost the sensation of the deep blissful You-ness that nobody else can or needs to understand?

It's easy to get caught in the hustle. Wrapped in the expectations. Bogged down in the anxiety of our culture. 

But remember who You are. And Know that you are not a victim of a soul- separating societal standard. 

You were meant to overcome. To be You. To lead the way for others to become more Them. Have faith in You.

Only You can be You. Only I can be Me. Isn't it wonderful?

How much this embodiment of humanity makes us individual but so beautifully and wholly connected and necessary.

Have Faith in You. The World needs You. God needs You. I need You. 

The beauty of becoming is that there's no right or wrong way. I've been deep in meditation on Faith and what exactly that means to me. 

I'm so grateful for the teachers that have come into my life lately, the answered prayers and mostly for my strengthened faith- in God and in Me. I can remember about a year ago when someone told me that I was making things harder for myself than they needed to be.

I resented that so much. Why would I be making things hard on myself? Don't you think if there was any easier way that I would be doing that?

But what I've come to understand is that they were right. They were entirely right. There was an easier way, and it was simply aligning to Me. Not doing things everyone else's way.

It's been the same for every aspect of my life that I have had the perception of being in a "struggle" with. There was no struggle but that between me and God. (Side note- I relate to God, but feel free to substitute whatever word feels best for you that expresses that beautiful, loving universality.) 

The answer was always coming back to Me. The only struggle was that what felt right in my heart was not supported by the outside beliefs I had picked up throughout my life. I was still trying to fit into an idea of myself that was Created by others- not by Me. 

In what ways are you still not Being You? It can be a process to unravel all of these ideas and beliefs about ourselves that we've picked up along our journeys, but the more you ask to see, the more of YOU you WILL see. 

Sending you SO much Love,


Kirstie DempseyComment