I wanted to touch quickly on faith. It's something I resisted heavily in the past. It was laden in stigmas of religion, and it conjured up pictures of sitting in Church and being preached to about faith. 

I didn't get it. I couldn't connect to it. 

Until I started feeling into it more and turning it into something that meant that I was always supported- by myself, by God, by Angels. 

I've always been fascinated by religion, but I've never related to it. God, Angels, Faith- these are things I never thought I would be talking about. I could relate to the Universe, that felt less stigmatized. 

Until it didn't anymore. And somehow God felt better. More real, more accessible. So feel free to use God interchangeably here with whatever you relate to, because when it comes down to it, it's all just about that common source of Universal and Unending Love. 

Back to what I want to say about faith, now. I couldn't tap into that feeling of faith before. It made sense logically- have faith that good things will come your way- of course I have faith that will happen.

But the test was having faith in what felt impossible, or really far out of reach. And to be honest here, it feels like faith was always the missing piece in my puzzle. 

Last night I had a dream in which my soul spoke to me and told me nothing really matters, just have extreme faith in the feelings you want to feel- in joy, love, peace, flow, abundance.

Nothing matters, just have faith.

Wait, what?

It's the message I've been receiving over and over and over. But I didn't believe it, because how much sense does that really make?

We live in a society full of constructs. We must do x to have y. We must go to this institution and work hard to receive what we want. I'm speaking vaguely because the reality is that it's extremely vague. We create these constructs around our lives, and they become our Bible. 

What if none of it mattered, though?

What if all that mattered was having faith in our feelings, in our desires, in ourselves? 

What if all that matters is that we live a joyful life?

What would that change for you, ?

I filmed a short video for you this morning to talk more about this. I invite you to watch it, and take the challenge- spend today just having faith that your life is meant to be joyful. Nothing else.

Watch it here :

  How to Live in a Constant State of Joy

I have so much gratitude for you today, and I truly hope that you can receive the message of this video with so much love.

I have been so inspired lately and in a state of Creative flow and I have so much to share with you coming up. In the meantime, please reach out with any questions or comments you have about today's video! 

Sending you SO much love,


PS- I'm feeling very called to open more mentorship spaces, if you're interested in learning how to tap into your overflowing joy and abundance to experience the freedom that life truly has to offer you on every level, let's talk! Schedule a quick chat with me here to see how I can Serve you in your journey.