Write Your Desires Into Life

Let’s talk today about something very practical you can start doing right now to open your heart to your greater potential.

When I first began my deep dive into self-development, I had always heard coaches talk about journaling and visualizing. If I could just get into the habit of doing this every day I could see amazing changes happen in my life happen right before my eyes.

While I totally believe in the power of journaling and visualizing, there’s a big missing piece that most coaches don’t elaborate on. So that’s what I’m going to give you today- the missing piece that will make your daily journaling and visualization practice really work for you.

Here’s the deal: words mean nothing without feeling. Images mean nothing without feeling. The key to everything I’m about to tell you is tapping into your feelings. Before, I would journal and write affirmations about who I wanted to be what I wanted to do what I wanted to have. You may have heard this, the be, do, have affirmations. Many coaches teach this. Simply write out these affirmations daily and you will see them begin to happen.

This is absolutely true! You can literally write your reality into existence- I do it daily- BUT, it took me a long time to understand how to actually make this work for me. And it all boils down to the one concept that I will talk about until I am blue in the face:

You must harness the feelings of what your heart desires for journaling and visualization to truly, deeply work for you.

When I first started doing this practice, I wasn’t really writing with feeling. I was still in a consumption mode of thinking, of being- not a heartfelt, deep knowing of what I craved state. And this is the biggest differentiation.

Will the things you write come into reality if you’re not connected to your heart, to your true desires, to the feelings your craving? Sure! But if you’re writing these things from a place of “I think this is what I want because this is what I see others doing to be happy/successful/insert any outward measure here.”- you’re going to get more of the uncertainty. Do you see how that brings in an element of not actually knowing what your asking for?

You must become crystal clear on what it is you’re asking for- vibrationally, emotionally, physically- you must know what it is that you crave.

What feeling are you craving? Is it freedom? Is it love? Joy? Ease? Tap into that feeling, feel it as you write.

Even if your writing begins simply with “I am joyful. I am joyful. I am creating a joyful life full of loving experiences, deep connections with those I love and cherish. I experience joy every day in many ways.”

Find your point of entry into the feeling you wish to feel and go with it.

I practice this way of journaling every morning before I dive into my work. It helps me to set the energetic level of what I am experiencing throughout my day, and anytime I feel my energy drop I write myself right back into the reality I choose to create.

Now it’s your turn! How do you want to feel?

Start there, close your eyes, feel how it would feel and write from your heart.

Kirstie Dempsey