Do you love yourself unconditionally?

Hello, darlings!

I want to share with you today the most powerful question I've answered in a while, and why you should answer it, too!

Last week, I went to a fellow femmepreneurs blog to read a post about branding, but when I clicked through to her blog, something else caught my eye.

"If you totally + unconditionally loved yourself, what would be normal for you?" 

I saw this question and immediately froze. Something deep inside of me knew that was the exact question I needed to answer at that moment in time.  

And my darlings, that question caused an immediate and quite intense breakthrough.

As I was making a list of literally everything that came to my mind... always have my nails done, get bi-weekly massages, say the things I really want to say, tell people how transformational the work I do really is, allow myself to buy new workout clothes, talk to the women who inspire me the most, stop downplaying my ideas, go to the beach whenever the f*ck I feel like it... it really hit me that literally nobody in this entire beautiful world is stopping me from doing any one of those things but myself.

Sit with that one a minute, it's powerful.

What I really want to you to know right now, love, is that  you can do anything if you learn to unconditionally love yourself first. If you can learn to honor your intuition, to put yourself first and to know that no matter what, you are exactly where you need to be- if you can feel it deep in your heart, anything is possible.

Now, I'm not going to act like by just answering this one question all the walls fell down and I became invincible. Not even! I am human, after all. And I have to admit, it took a LOT of mindset strengthening for me to be in a place where I could receive this message. If you're not there yet, love, please know that it is perfectly ok. But if you read that question and felt the power like I did, do yourself a solid and seriously sit with it. Meditate on it. Journal about it. Answer it fully without judgement. You'll be amazed at what you learn from it.

And when you've made your list, know that all of those things are available to you right now. Choose one and do it; feel the power of allowing your highest self to come out and play. It is intoxicating.



PS: Hoping for some style tips? No worries, darling, you'll be getting much more of that very shortly! It is important to me that I share these little tips for increased happiness + abundance with you, too though moving forward, because learning to love yourself and allowing you inner queen to express herself is critical to developing your style. <3  

Kirstie Dempsey