hey gorgeous, it's time to unleash the goddess in you.

How would it feel to...

  • Have unwavering confidence in your business and lifestyle decisions
  • Know that you’re making the right moves rather than constantly questioning yourself
  • Finally feel heard, attract the right people into your business and life
  • Express your TRUTH and STOP worrying what others will think… no more filtering your message!

I'm Kirstie Dempsey, and my God-given gift in this lifetime is to help beautiful sisters like you, busy moms, overstretched wives and the always-running entrepreneurs (and if you're like me, all three!) to reclaim their inner powerhouse- to step back into the role of GODDESS.

Life brings so much more ease, grace and confidence when we can embody the Goddess within, step into the POWERHOUSE we know that we are as wise, conscious and loving women.


I've been in your shoes, love, I know how it feels to think you have to do it all, be it all and have it all. It left me with chronic physical pain... constant distraction from within my own body. But once I reconnected with the Goddess within, I realized that all I needed was me all along.

I learned to love myself- exactly where I am. And things began to flow again. More love, more joy and more peace than ever before.

I learned to tune into the voice within- and stopped spending endless hours scrolling down my Facebook feed trying to decide what to do next. I became sovereign- the Goddess of my Universe.

And the best part? It didn't take a lifetime to achieve. In fact, once I was able to identify the underlying beliefs that were keeping me stuck, in pain and out of energy, it only took a few short weeks to get on the right track to embodying the Goddess in me.

I've become so passionate about the power of the inner Goddess throughout my journey, that now my mission is to bring other women- like you, love- back into alignment with the Goddess within. I use a unique alchemy of my own intuitive gifts, energy work and story immersion sessions to bring the forth the Goddess within- and keep her there!

So, gorgeous, are you ready to step into your Inner Goddess? Your journey begins here, with a quick application to Step into Ease + Power, Kirstie's exclusive 1;1 mentorship.

  Questions, gorgeous? Call/text (424) 209-8497

Questions, gorgeous?      Call/text (424) 209-8497

Step Into Ease + Power

A 90 Day 1:1 Mentorship to become a POWERHOUSE and step into the Goddess within.

Less confusion, more flow.

No more disempowered decision making- always know what's right for you. Become the confident, sovereing woman you've been waiting for.

What does Step into Ease + Power include? 

  • Weekly 1:1 calls with Kirstie, including mindset coaching, story immersion sessions and actually doing the work- within yourself- to step into your power, find flow and build confidence.
  • 2, 30 min. Energy Healing Sessions, with Kirstie's unique mix of crystal healing techniques + Usui Reiki + intuitive guidance to help you open to and connect with your inner Goddess, and feel the power you are creating within yourself
  • Guided meditations, recorded and delivered to you when you need them most so you'll never be stuck in a place of confusion or wandering how to move forward- you'll be able to get focused fast and access that powerhouse flow
  • Bonus workbooks and activities as needed throughout the program- first and foremost, this program is about you

What can you expect to get out of Step into Ease + Power?

  • The ability to make decisions- in life and business- with confidence and ease, no more second guessing, mulling things over until you're exhausted even thinking about it, and especially no more FOMO, because you'll know if it's for you or not.
  • You'll start sharing your message- your most authentic truth- with ease and no worries of "what will [insert literally anyone] think of me?!". It won't matter anymore, because when you are embodying your power, your message has a way of exiting you in it's most shining and brilliant form.
  • Trust that you know the next step, the next words, the next action, the next investment, the next everything- because you are the Goddess of your life.
The investment for this 90 day mentorship is $3000, or 3 monthly payments of $1100.

Quick question, gorgeous? I'll get back to you very soon!

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