Intuitive Healing Sessions

During this two-hour session, you'll open up to the "more" that is there for you. You'll discover what stories are holding you back and how to begin to move forward to claim the abundance that is waiting for you to claim it. 

During the first hour, you'll sit in meditation with the guided meditation journey you'll receive upon booking your session. As your meditating peacefully in the comfort of your home, I'll be tuning into your energetic soul providing Reiki healing and digging more deeply with my signature Soul Scan method. During this time, I will be reading your chakras, or the 7 energetic centers of power in your body, to determine the areas of focus in the second hour of our session. During the second hour, we will come together over the phone and discuss what I saw in your energetic soul presence, what you felt during your meditation and what steps would best serve you to become more closely aligned with your soul.

The investment for a 2-hour Intuitive Healing Session is $347.