When you are ready to Create your Reality, When you are ready to let Life be Easy, I am Here to Serve You.


Private Mentorship

We've grown up in a world that is anxious to tell us who to be. What box to fit into.

But it doesn't work anymore.

We are in a time where dis-ease is rampant. It's time to claim our sovereignty and experience ease.

How does one do this? Through unconditional love and acceptance. 

You are divine. It is time to accept your divinity. To embody your truth- your wholeness.


I am a lightweaver. A loveweaver. A guide into the heart of a

liberated existence. A new paradigm.

And I am here to guide you on your path to liberation. To true connection with your soul, and with your divinity.

For a long time, I tried to create within the lines of a patriarchal society. I felt like I was constantly running into walls, blind, everything felt unnatural and forced. It wasn't working.

I didn't accept my need to flow to a different rhythm, because I didn't know there was any other way. 

There's always another way. There's always your way. And that is the only way that will bring you limitless joy- liberation.

Are you ready to reclaim your sovereignty?


When you know it's time to honor your soul, open your heart and step into sovereignty, I'm here to be your guide. I will meet you where you are, hold the vision for your highest embodiment of divinity, and guide you on the the path to embodiment. Your mentorship experience is as unique as you. I'm not here to build your soul-aligned business or to provide a cookie-cutter solution for greater self-care; I'm here for your liberation. Liberation from fear, from guilt from shame of who you are. I am here to guide you to embody your-self and to show you how to be a beacon of love. I believe that without a deep, unconditional love for yourself, you will never find what it is you're searching for. End the search, you are right here.

Looking for a deep-dive experience into the Truth of your Soul? Join Kirstie in New Zealand for a 5 Day Retreat of Divine Connection.


I love you.