Extended Payment Plan

Extended Payment Plan


Recurring payment, billed monthly for 12 months starting today.

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For women who are ready to embrace and embody their true self fully- and then take that highest version of self and unleash her into the world to leave her legacy AND show up as herself at home.

This is a six month experience. A journey. And at the end of it, you may not even recognize yourself anymore. But you're going to love her fully. 

Practically speaking here's what it entails every month:

Week 1:

-- 1 Audio/Video Lesson with accompanying workbook.

Week 2:

-- 1 60 minute 1:1 call with me. This is not just to talk about the topic of the month- it's private mentoring for you to use as you wish.

Week 3: 

-- Time to let it settle in. This week is used for integration of what the monthly material has brought.

-- Guided meditation to help with integration.

Week 4:

-- Group Q&A Call- again, to use for whatever questions you're working through.


Every month we will work with a new topic, and every month magic will happen. Month 1 begins on July 1. 


For everyone who joins before July 1, I'm going to be on a live Q&A call during June to kick off the program. Additionally, you're going to get some resources up-front to begin your journey to discovering and creating your legacy.

1. A private Facebook group to mingle in, and ask questions.

2. A list of the books you will want to read to get a head start.

3. An e-book +workbook from me on Tapping into Your Legacy.

As I finish this message, I have a baby boy resting on my chest, gentle music playing in the background, a nap already in the books and so much joy and certainty in my heart. 

This picture is entirely different than it was with my first. The thought of ease was laughable. The idea that everything could be easy did not even exist in my consciousness. I was letting everything be overwhelming, not easy, and I was creating chaos in many subtle forms. 

That was three and a half years ago. Three and a half years of learning, experiencing, growing, evolving and consciously creating (the latter half, that is). And today I look back on who I was then and have so much love for her, so much excitement for what lies ahead of her and so much respect and gratitude for where she has guided me.  


I hope that in six months, you can say this, too. If you're ready to take this journey with me, my hand is extended and ready to guide you.