Burn it down, Build it back up.

That's where my story stayed for quite some time. Burning and building.

I was a stay-at-home-mom and I was craving more. But the guilt! Who was I to want more? I "had it all" according to so many people.

I know you can relate, that's why you're here. 

You know you are here to be a Leader. To turn on fully to life, to tune in and to tap into your biggest, boldest dreams.

And I want to tell you something; If you're here, I KNOW that those big dreams are meant for you. 

Are you ready to listen in to that divine guidance? To leave behind a life of "good enough" for a life of infinite abundance, joy and always feeling like you're exactly where you're supposed to be, doing exactly what you're supposed to be doing?

My journey to becoming a leader, a life coach, a spiritual mentor and a woman who KNOWS she can have it all wasn't short and it certainly wasn't easy. 

But here's what I know:

You can live the life of your dreams, you are MEANT to live the life of your dreams, and all it takes is aligning to the energy of those dreams.

Sometimes, though, you've got to burn it all down to build it back up. Your stories, your beliefs, your patterns, it's time to overhaul it all.

That's what I'm here for. I'm holding the space for you to transform- mentally, energetically, physically. You will transform.


Let in more of you.

I've prayed to be a full expression of myself. To Serve at my highest, to be a beacon of light. It's what I'm here for, and I'm really done with the whole questioning my purpose paradigm I used to play in. 

You've been there, right? Most of us have. It's how my journey started.

Why am I here? What is this nagging feeling of wanting more? How can I be happy with every aspect of my life? Who do I really want to become? Who am I? What is my purpose here?

You know there's more to life, many of us are riding the flow of our purpose, using our gifts to create more fulfillment. 

And a lot of us have even realized that the real secret of life is just to be fulfilled, joyful, free. To live in a world of freedom and love.

But this, too, can come with it's questions. And as we ask ourselves deeper questions, we have an opportunity to grow and evolve even more.

And then there comes a point when you have faith in yourself. You have faith in your message, in your service, in you desires- and then your ego takes you on a little trip. 

You start to question your desires. Is this just a material want, something I don't really need, is this really loving? 


In our society it is SO easy to get tripped up in the endless messages we are bombarded with. Consumerism is rampant. We're too materialistic. And if you're a millennial you then get hit with accusations of being entitled. Being too this or too that. It's exhausting, right?

So you try to find a place to settle. A place that looks good on social media, that looks good to your community, a place you know deep down is a place of appeasement and compromise.

And then you get that magical thing called contrast. You see your peers who aren't holding back. Who are stepping FULLY into their desires. They're bringing in mad cash. They're getting blowouts every week. They're at Chanel or Gucci or whatever store they go into and get lit up by.

And your ego creeps up.

They're so egotistical. How selfish. If they were really being of service they wouldn't be there. They wouldn't be bragging about what they have. They would just be serving more and giving more.

Funny how the ego works that way, right? It likes to self-soothe in the strangest of ways.

And it's ok. It's part of like, part of being human, a critical part of our growth.

But if you're being really real with yourself, what do you want? What do YOU want? Without any judgement?

My work is all about embodiment. Every single part of your soul. This is the work I am here to do. It is what my soul craves, and to be real with you, sometimes it means being brutally honest and loving in a deeper way. 

It means pointing out where you are truly not in alignment with your essence. Not touting positivity and telling you to be love and light. I have my own mentors to do the same for me, because it is never that obvious to us. 

When you're yearning to go deeper, sometimes you've got to get really uncomfortable. Anger, sadness, firmness- it all used to be uncomfortable to me. And I realized that I cannot do the work I am here to do without letting those elements of myself come out. It is so insanely necessary for growth.

So I did the work. I prayed. I allowed every single aspect of myself to be perfect. (I'm not saying I'm perfect here by the way, we always have more work to do.)

I am currently filling a limited number of spots in my 1:1 Mentorship. This isn't just coaching. I'm not going to help you overcome you mindset blocks. I'm going to help you raise your energetic standards. I'm going to help you shine your light brighter than you knew it could ever be.

I'm going to bring you into the paradigm where you are completely and wholly YOU. Where you serve at your highest. You embody your essence.


We work with Ascended Masters. I hold the space, you receive, they elevate you. And then we keep on working on your energy. We do the seen and the unseen. Coaching to keep you accountable, meditating to feel and understand, energy work to elevate. All of it.

Practically speaking, we meet for an hour bi-weekly with two additional 30 minute sessions available to you as you need it. Messenger support, energetic support, unconditional love. 

What you come out of this with is inexplicable. But let me try to explain it to you. You know who you are and you are not scared to be her. You know what needs to be said, done to reach your personal and business goals. Because you are so you that you just know all the answers. 

This isn't about growing your business, having a 6-figure month or having the relationship of your dreams or whatever else. It's about getting everything you desire because you KNOW you are worthy, you know you are enough, you know it is meant for you and you know how to get there.

That's more powerful than any system or structure anyone can ever give you. Because you are you, and you need you. That's what you are stepping into.

If you know one of these spots is yours, fill out the form below and I'll be in touch with your next steps.

Sending you all the love. xo 

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