A 6-Week Mastermind Experience

For the heart-centered woman who is ready to discover her Purpose and allow joy and abundance to flow in her life with ease.

It's your time to experience greater joy and abundance on Purpose, with Purpose (and to let it be insanely easy!)


You've answered the call.

You know you're meant for greatness. You're here to be in Service. You have a big, beautiful Purpose.

How do you answer the call?

You've done the work- you've done the mindset work, you've read all the books. You've journaled and affirmed.

But something still isn't clicking.

There's still something missing.

The answer is simple, but are you ready to see it?

It's your heart. It's all in listening to your heart.

Here's a secret: You don't mindset work. You don't need to read #allthebooks. You don't need to hire a coach for everything.

You just need to tune into your heart. Your heart holds that unique pulse that only you beat to. Listen. It has all the answers.

Are you ready to manifest your Divine Potential?


6 weeks to unfolding your dharma.

6 weeks to hearing the call of your heart, becoming the powerful leader you know you're meant to be.

it is possible for you, let me open you to the call of your heart. This isn't for those who are still clinging to the mindset work, the busy work, the hustle.

Here's what we're going to over the course of 6 weeks:

  • Erase the belief that is keeping you closed off to your heart so you can Trust that what is meant for you is meant for you. (That's the key to feminine leadership.)
  • Learn to distinguish your True Desires from the noise of what's happening around you. Then you become focused- on the right things- with no overwhelm.
  • Unravel the web of your past so you can See your Purpose, your mission and Understand your Gift, your Service.
  • Loosen the grip of "should's" and "how's" to Surrender into the Desires in your heart- and manifest them into reality effortlessly.
  • Identify the next step- the aligned actions that will guide you with ease right into you Purpose, and into Leadership (however that looks for You).
  • Cultivate the Power of your Heart to shine your light as a leader so you begin Attracting the Divine Opportunities meant for You.

What comes with this unique Mastermind experience?

  1. Weekly trainings with meditations to help you Connect into your Dharma- your Essence, your Truth, your Power.
  2. LIVE Q+A Sessions every other week (3 total) so you can get deeper clarity around the messages Your Heart is sending.
  3. A 30 Minute Private Session with Kirstie during Week 1 that will shine light into the shadow you're carrying- your Core Wound- and give you the steps to change your Belief around this to Open your Heart to your unique gifts and Purpose.
  4. Continued support in a Private Facebook Group where you will have access to Kirstie and your fellow Masterminders for Connection and support.

The investment for the Dharma Unfolding Mastermind is $1,234


Have questions? Send us a note- info@kirstiedempsey.com