It's time to become the woman you've always dreamt of being.

You're a badass femmepreneur. You're making some big shit happen behind the scenes of your biz, but when it comes to stepping out into the spotlight... uhhhhm, yeah, no, maybe later.

You KNOW how powerful you could be if you would just step it up and play a bigger game. You know you need to be attending networking events, putting your face out there in social media and showing the world how much of a #girlboss you are.

But you're lacking... something. Confidence? A little bit. Style? It could be better. Assertiveness? Oh yeah.

But here's the thing, you can change that in an instant. 

How? Just decide, darling. 

I've got to come clean...

Just last year I would've NEVER let myself indulge in that glorious desert sunset photoshoot.

What changed? I didn't get struck by lightning, have a near death experience, or even come into a large chunk of change. I just changed my mind.

It didn't happen instantly, it took a year of eradicating, cultivating, growing, learning, trying, experiencing... #allthethings. And every single day I noticed growth. Because I simply allowed myself to drop what wasn't working and do all the things I've always wanted to do.

Hello desert photoshoot!

So maybe now you're thinking, "Great! But you're an image stylist, so what does this have to do with it?" Well, darling, here's a #truthbomb for you: your image has everything to do with how you feel. Yes, it absolutely helps to have a killer wardrobe, but what do you with a gorgeous gold party dress when you don't think you can rock it? Nothing. The answer is nothing. It sits in your closet for ages until you finally get rid of it because "When am I ever going to wear this?"

What I do as an Image Stylist is two-pronged, and both aspects are absolutely necessary to make you feel like a fierce #femmepreneur ready to conquer the f*ing world. 


uplevel your mindset

Your mindset is the basis of everything you do. After all, what we think is what we bring about. I'm not just your stylist; when you work with me you get bi-weekly mindset calls with me to uplevel your thinking and learn to see your world in a whole new light. I guess in that regard, you can just refer to me as your life-stylist, yes?!

All joking aside, when you are able to shift your mindset, you open yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities. I want that for you, darling. I want you to believe that anything is possible for you, because if you believe that, you can have it all.

It's time to have the confidence to put yourself out there, to attract your ideal clients like it's a walk in the park. It's time to stop living in lack and shift into abundance.

When I decided to become an entrepreneur, I had no idea how critical my own mind was to my success. I gave a pretty big eye-roll to my first business coach when she told me the first three months would be dedicated to mindset work.

But here's the thing- Over the past year, I've gone from unfulfilled stay-at-home-mom wondering when something big was going to fall into my lap, to work-at-home-mom loving every minute of the business I've created for myself and spending my weekends in sunny LA doing everything from hitting the beach to exploring LACMA and all the other beauties this city has to offer. No more sitting on my couch wishing my life away. No more frigid winters in a state I never dreamt I'd be living in. And darling, let me tell you, this wasn't by chance, it wasn't luck. I decided, and so it was.

upgrade your style

How do you feel when you're frumping around in sweatpants? What about when you step into your #powerdress? Totally different, right?

I teach my clients that the way we dress isn't about following a trend or trying to impress someone else, it's a deep expression of yourself and how you want to feel. When you get dressed, it's just as important to take into consideration what message you want to send as it is to ensure your clothing flatters your body.

I can show you how to do both, and you'll learn to do it with confidence and ease. I'm not your traditional stylist, darling, I care deeply about teaching you how to be the ultimate version of yourself without needing me on speed dial (though you do get some pretty sweet access to me).

You don't have to look to a fashion blog to decide what to wear. And you definitely don't need to stare mindlessly into your closet anymore wondering what to wear. 

I'm going to bring my style expertise and my gift of knowing what really suits you- your body, your lifestyle, your personality- to you over the course of our 6 months together. You'll get a guide on how to dress, how to shop, and a closet full of pieces you can't wait to wear.

I made the decision after having my son that I never wanted to look like a worn-out mom trying to decide if I wanted to dress like a college student or a granny. I decided to own my style, and to dress intentionally every single day.

And now it's your turn to decide.

Let's break it down...

When you decide to transform into the woman you were made to be, here's what you'll get:

  • We'll kick off your 6 months of femmepreneur style transformation with a thorough questionnaire + 60 minute style session via Skype to nail your personal style and asses how we can achieve the biggest mindset uplevel. ($297 value)
  • We'll build out your wardrobe and your confidence with styled outfits to perfectly reflect your femmepreneur style, starting with a virtual wardrobe edit. In this session, we'll comb through 2 seasons of clothing in your wardrobe and determine what stays, what goes and what needs a little tlc to get it up to speed. ($497+ value)
  • After your edit, you'll receive a personalized stylebook, showcasing your wardrobe pieces styled multiple ways, what we need to add to your wardrobe and what styles suit you, your brand and your body. It's going to become your style bible! (priceless!)
  • We'll shop together virtually to find the perfect pieces that will round out your transformed femmepreneur wardrobe and leave you knowing exactly what you're going to wear. I know you're busy, and you've got no time for blank stares into the closet! ($497+ value)
    • Virtual shopping can be done online or in the store. You'll have me on-call via video call to assist you with your shopping decisions. I'll do the pre-shopping for you and you'll hit the stores knowing exactly what you're looking for!
    • When possible, I will have stores pull items in advance for you so you can walk in, try-on and get back to business.
  • Need an outfit ASAP for a last-minute networking event? I got you, darling. Over our 6 months together, I'll be a phone call away for a style fix. You'll have access to me to curate 3 unique outfits per month. Helllloooo savvy style! ($6000 value)
  • As a fierce femmepreneur, I know you need those beautiful brand photos showing who YOU are and what you do. With me as your stylist, you're going to exude confidence in your photos and draw in your ideal clients at first-glance. With the TRANSFORM style package, you'll get styling service for one photoshoot (a $697 value alone) so you don't even have to think for a second about what you're going to wear. (On-location services available at an extra cost.)
  • As if your style transformation isn't enough, we're going to build up your confidence, uplevel your wealth consciousness and polish up that beautiful mind of yours with bi-weekly 60 minute mindset coaching calls. ($3000 value)

All together, you're getting a 6-month transformational experience valued at over $11,000 plus a lifetime of confidence, happiness and ease in stepping into the woman you're meant to be. So what's your investment to become the ultimate, most fierce femmepreneur you can be?

Your investment in your femmepreneur transformation is $5497 paid in full or                       6 payments of $1097

Want to make 100% sure you're ready for the ultimate femmepreneur transformation? No problem!

This is a huge investment of your time, energy and, of course, your cash. I'm here to answer your questions and ensure you are ready to transform. Let's chat about it!

The decision to transform is yours, and yours alone. This is not for the woman who wavers, who isn't ready to stand in her power and BE the ultimate femmepreneur. This isn't for the dabbler or the pretender. It's only for the serious, and seriously fierce femmepreneurs who are SO over feeling held back by the little things piling up, by the constant feeling of not-enoughness, by the overwhelm of wanting so badly to be better. It's your time to be better, to be enough and to know exactly what you want.