Hey gorgeous!

Have you found yourself being OK with no progress in your business?

You begin your morning going through the same routine, make breakfast, have coffee, sit at your computer... and the blank stares and endless Facebook scrolling ensues.

Been there!

For almost six months, this was how my day played out, too. And when my head hit the pillow at night, I would push the sick feeling in my stomach down and tell myself tomorrow would be different. 

What did it take to change? Awareness. Of myself, of who I needed to become to make a change.

Here's you wake up call, gorgeous.

I'm Kirstie Dempsey, and my God-given gift in this lifetime is to help beautiful sisters like you, busy moms, overstretched wives and the always-running entrepreneurs (and if you're like me, all three!) to reclaim their inner powerhouse- to step back into the role of GODDESS.

I'm going to take you on a journey to meet YOUR powerhouse goddess, to embody the power that lies within, just waiting for you to claim it. 

During the 7 days, you're going to:

  + Identify the stories that are keeping you small and giving away your power

  + Design a ritual to connect you to your inner Goddess, and step into the powerhouse role that EVERY entrepreneur must embody to make decisions with confidence, pave her path to success 

  + Begin to connect with your tribe with your full, unfiltered message.

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I can't wait to meet you, Goddess, we begin on Thursday, January 12th.